Iron and Steel Industry

Iron and Steel Industry


In the iron and steel industry man and machine are continuously exposed to high pressure and stress. 

At the same time hard-to-handle bulk solids play an important role within these procedures due to their strongly abrasive nature.


Based on GEROLDINGER’s many years of experience the company is able to provide a great variety of flow solutions for all kind of bulk solids.


We offer solutions for the following bulk solids:

  • Abrasive bulk goods (ores, dust, slurries etc.)

  • Dosing of slurries

  • Lime

  • Sinter

  • Scale

  • Pellet

  • Briquette

  • Coal

  • Additives for flue gas scrubbing (activated carbon, urea, lime etc.)

  • Substitute fuels (plastics etc.)

  • and more

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