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Today a variety of materials is used for combustion in power stations. It is necessary to store these bulk solids and suupply them to the relevant combustion process. Here GEROLDINGER, the specialist in handling bulk solids, offers efficient and economical solutions for storage and operation. In the area of flue gas scrubbing or desulphurisation we provide efficient solutions for constant flow of material, especially for hygroscopic urea and FDG gypsum as well as for the removal of bulk solids from combustion chambers.


Regarding biomass handling we offer high consistency of dosing for safe and precise feeding of the right amount of energy to the thermal process. 

With its innovative system GEROLDINGER has mastered all kinds of fuels containing cellulose, such as miscanthus, nutshells, wood chips, wood dust and shavings. Safe storage, discharge and constant feeding to the boiler result in fully automated and very economical operation.



We offer solutions for the following bulk solids:

  • Additives for flue gas scrubbing (activated carbon, urea, lime etc.)

  • Substitute fuels (foil chips, rejects of the paper industry, plastics etc.)

  • Biomass

  • FDG gypsum

  • and others

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