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Interesting things about bulk solids!


Do you know about the flow-related properties of your bulk solids?

The safe route to discharge begins with a precise analysis of the bulk solid in the laboratory. From the parameters thus obtained we determine the mass flow geometry and calculate the size of discharge opening. Depending on the bulk solid this opening is closed with a suitable discharge device. This must be designed so that the material can move – and completely loosen the discharge opening.


For this kind of application our Oszillomat discharging system suits perfectly. The discharge opening of the Oszillomat can be individually designed for each bulk solid. Therefore a safe and reliable discharge out of the silo is possible. 

Are your bulk solids hard to handle?

In practice there are many hard-to-handle bulk solids. Often this is noticed too late because many an allegedly simple bulk solid only becomes difficult to handle in connection with a process step and the degree of automatisation.


Unsuitable discharge systems or false silo geometry often cause problems

with discharge. Occasionally there are serious difficulties which can lead to plant shut-down because processes downstream from the silo can no longer be supplied with material.


Our methods and know how guarantee a safe discharge for a plenty of bulk solids. More details you can find under "Products" on our Website.

Mass flow - the key for preventing problems in Silos

People talk more and more frequently about mass flow in connection with the storage of bulk solids in silos. Mass flow in the silo in fact reduces all difficulties to do with the storage, extraction and dosing of bulk solids. The opposite of mass flow is funnel flow, which often occurs in practice.


At mass flow the entire Contents of the silo are in Motion. No (or at most just minimal) dead zones exist (=dormant bulk solids zones). At funnel flow dormant bulk solid zones exist in the vicinity of the walls. Bulk solids flow only in the centre of the silo.


The right silo geometry is therefore a prerequisite for mass flow. To actually guarantee mass flow the bulk solid must also be extracted simultaneously and evenly across the whole exit feed area.


Tip: Take into account the properties of your bulk solids: the optimum funnel inclination which is mainly responsible for mass flow can be calculated from this.

Why we guarantee you reliable discharge!

The output of the stored materials is the last link at the end of a very complicated chain reaction. We thus use a clearly structured method to guarantee reliable discharge.


The first step is the analysis of the bulk solid in our bulk solids laboratory to determine the bulk weight, particle size distribution and water content. The parameters are entered in our extensive bulk solids database.


We use and compare the laboratory results of simple manual tests, elaborate shear tests and all our experience with plants already constructed for similar bulk solids. At present there are some 1.000 different bulk solids analyses.


Only the combination of current laboratory values and the experiment results in the technical centre with our long-standing experience results in an economic plant concept.

If you have problems with your bulk solids or are planning a project: send us a sample of your material – and we will perform a rough analysis.


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